The Unknown

The unknown is not the enemy. It’s an invitation to become even more alive than you were before. See if you can resist the temptation to grab at solutions and definitions too soon. In the haste to end uncertainty, many opt for smallness or inauthentic detours.

The dictator isn’t the one who orchestrates the revolution. It’s the unknown that has your back. Follow your instincts and impulses. They will lead you to results and quantum possibilities that you could not predict or even know to imagine.

If change is in your life right now…remember there’s a force of grace that stirs the winds. It may be playing havoc with the conditions of your life, but you are not your conditions. Let go of trying to control what you do not understand. Dare to love yourself and embrace your crazy, spectacular life. Trust the wild creativity of an Energy that only paints in shades of love. The caterpillar must give up so that the butterfly can emerge. I hope you will trust the process of your transformation and trust the miracle of change.

-Tama Kieves, Awakening Artistry Newsletter, March 2009


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