Sky Watch: Harvest Moon

Sky Watch: Week of October 4

The full moon tonight is the one occurring closest to the autumnal equinox. Thus, it is the harvest moon of 2009. The title usually falls to the full moon in September but can arrive in October. (The next occasion is in 2017.) Other versions of this rule are that the harvest moon is the full moon coming at or after the equinox, which more often than not would put it in October. Farmers use the light of the full moon this time of year as harvesting reaches a climax. And for a while the moon rises about 25 minutes later with each passing day, instead of an average of 50 minutes. The harvest moon is also said to be the “most romantic day in China,” the Mid-Autumn Festival, when the man in the moon ties couples with invisible thread and people eat mooncakes (pastry filled with candied melon, egg yolks, coconut and cashews.)

-Joe Rao, New York Times

I want to see you dance again
Because I’m still in love with you
On this harvest moon.

– Neil Young


One thought on “Sky Watch: Harvest Moon

  1. So pleased to read this because yesterday I was on a very long drive with a friend. When the moon came out (it was a long drive) I said ‘It will be the Harvest moon tomorrow.’
    She said, ‘No, the Hunter’s Moon.’

    I do like people who agree with what I say.

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