I Can Do Anything

“Feeling stuck is first and foremost fueled by our state of mind – the thoughts we think from moment to moment. When we feel unmotivated, it’s because we’re thinking unmotivated thoughts. When we feel trapped, it’s because we consistently tell ourselves that there are no options. When we feel hopeless, there’s a good chance that the mantra running through our mind is something like: “Why bother?” So, the key to turning this self-defeating habit around is to take control of your thoughts. Rather than offer an elaborate process for doing so, try this simple technique. For one whole week, repeat this phrase throughout the day:


Regardless of whether or not you believe it or whether it seems rational, do it anyway. Say it to yourself when you first wake up, repeat it in your mind while brushing your teeth, sing it to yourself while driving to work or getting the kids ready for school. Then, keep at it through lunch and dinner, all the way up to when you fall asleep. Just keep telling yourself that you can do anything and notice how your mood and perspective shifts.”

Cheryl Richardson


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