A Door Will Open

“You may or may not sense it yet, but a door will open soon. It always does. You’ll be going about your business having temporarily forgotten what your worry or desire was, and the opportunity will suddenly appear. The person or the connection or the means will show up in a manner that feels natural, and you’ll know that this is a gateway, a next step. It may take you a moment to digest what’s being presented, but you’ll sense a current of rightness run through your body and you’ll feel confident reaching out to meet the goodness halfway. (And you must meet it halfway.) You won’t interfere with it like you might have before because you’ve worked hard at the things you knew needed changing; you’ve prepared yourself for the dream to find fertile ground in you. Walk through when you’re ready. (Nothing is your last chance or the only way, so don’t force anything.)”

-Kathy Freston


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