If You Step On It, You Will See It

“I grew up in a funeral home. You’ll end up there. We all will. Each of us has a set number of billable hours to spend on this planet. Some people are meant to spend those hours under fluorescent lights, working for multinational corporations, banks and other paper entities. But many are not meant for it. They have something inside them that is unique, even if it is only a sense of possibility.

There’s a saying in rock climbing: ‘If you step on it, you will see it.’ Moving up a cliff face sometimes you can only see the toe hold right in front of you and because you can’t see where you’ll go after that, you freeze. You might even panic. The amazing thing about rock climbing is that if you step on the only hold you can see, the next hold almost always appears. That’s the way life is. If you’re honest about your choice, and you commit, you’ll see the next step after that. But you can’t get there if you don’t step.”

Bryan Christy


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