I Release

“You can’t make something happen. You can’t extract a guarantee of love or loyalty. You can’t ensure that the thing(s) will never go away. You can’t choreograph an unfolding situation to go exactly as you’d like (or even close to it). You can’t make sure that the good times will never end or that the bad things won’t happen. There are too many people with free will moving in different directions; this is the reality of life. Trying to control things will only bring you stress and anxiety (and ultimate failure). Let the following words run through your thinking, and see if you can feel some peace about letting go of whatever it is you’re attached to:

I release the thing/person/situation I didn’t want to live without; it seems that things may have run their course here. (Nothing is ever the last chance or the only option, by the way.) I release the details that I was trying to stay on top of; the bigger picture will come into focus once I step back and away from the smallness. I release the need to change what is staring me in the face; it’s here so it must be dealt with. (And it might even be a gift.) I release my sorrow/anger/frustration; I let it fall away and dissolve so that I can lift myself up from the heaviness and feel the light once more. I release the dream I’d had, the one that I’ve longed for but hasn’t materialized; I now see that my energy has been locked up by wanting it too much. I release so that I’ll be empty, ready to receive something so much greater than the illusion I’ve been clinging to.”

-Kathy Freston


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